The 2010 Ultimate Lover’s Handbook

“How to become the ultimate lover by eliminating these 5 common self limiting beliefs”

Over the past year, you’ve been nice. Like the time you ran into a burning building and rescued that damsel in distress (and her kitty). But you’ve also been naughty. (I won’t specify, but it involves the aforementioned damsel… and her kitty).

Still, you don’t deserve coal in your stocking. But on a more serious note; I have been working on an ebook titled “The 2010 Ultimate Lover’s Handbook” and I want to give it to you, for free, as a present.

After doing some research, I have laser-targetted the most recurring distorted views that men tend to have in our current society. The handbook’s grand purpose is to help you improve yourself as a man and as a lover.

My personal motivation for writing this is the fact that many people still view men as aggressive, insensitive, noncommunicative, and misogynous and as being interested only in sex, not in intimacy or close relationship. Things haven’t always been this way, you know. This is something very new in our society, being started by the new wave of feminism, around the 1980s.

Perhaps a good new years resolution for some of you guys would be to be proud that you are a man and boost your self confidence.

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