Penis Enlargement Surgery – Risks and Dangers

penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is the most effective and permanent solution to sexual dysfunctions and other sexual related conditions. By means of surgery, the penis can become visually enlarged by more than an inch. The process is done by a surgeon who will cut the ligaments which hold the penis in its usual position and allows the penis to descend. Sometimes, weights and other stretching devices are used for a few months in order for the increase of size to become permanent.

The penis enlargement surgery is truly effective and is perfect for those who are seeking a permanent solution for their sexual dysfunctions. But the procedure also comes with a price. Whether you need an enhancement surgery, widening or lengthening surgery, the cost could be somewhere around $4,000 up to $17,000.

Aside from the cost, you also need to consider the risks and the dangers that come with this surgery. Below is a list of the possible risks and dangers that you could be faced with when you undergo penis enlargement surgery.


Infection can happen if your surgeon did not do a good job with the penis enlargement surgery. Sometimes, even if the doctor is really good, you could still suffer from certain infections right after the surgery. It is for this reason why your doctor will usually put you into antibiotics right before the surgery will take place.

If you have a worse infection, you might have to require sutures just to get the drainage out of your penis. So if you notice that your penis got infected right after undergoing the penis enlargement surgery, you have to contact your doctor immediately. You will be given medications in order to cure the infection and you might be prohibited from any sexual activity until the infection is healed.

Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia

Just like with any kind of surgery, you need to be given anesthesia before the penis enlargement surgery is done. One of the risks that you could be faced with is the adverse reaction to anesthesia. Most people do not really have any problems when it comes to anesthesia but there are others who will suffer from mild and temporary symptoms. In very rare cases, there are those that could suffer from excruciating pain because of anesthesia. If you have had problems with anesthesia in the past, you need to inform your doctor about it, right before the procedure is done.

Chest Painschest pain

Although this is very rare, there are those who suffered from chest pains right after undergoing the penis enlargement surgery. In fact, others will feel an agonizing pain on their chest during the operation itself. When this happens, you have to inform your doctor immediately so you will not suffer from heart attack and other complications.

Strange Appearance

Those who will opt for a penis lengthening procedure might have to deal with a lack of blood flow on their penis and this can lead to ulceration. In addition, the penis might appear to hang right from the scrotum instead of the abdomen. Thus, some men who have gone through the penis enlargement surgery might end up with a penis that has a lopsided appearance. In some cases, the penis might end up with an irregular shape after the surgery and there will be some fatty lumps that will appear on the surface of the sexual organ.

Rest and Recuperation

The risks and dangers stated above were not written to scare you, but instead to warn of you of the possible consequences that you could suffer from if you ever plan to undergo a penis enlargement surgery. In order not to suffer from any of the risks mentioned, make sure to follow your doctor’s advice on the post operative care.

This is the period of recovery right after the surgery is performed. As soon as the surgeon considers you well enough to return home, then you will be discharged from the hospital or clinic. If you were given local anesthetic, then you can return home immediately, usually on the same day that the surgery was performed. If you were given general anesthesia, you might have to be confined overnight.

It is expected that you will feel some pain and soreness right after the surgery, but your doctor will give you painkillers in order to alleviate this. Your sexual organ will then have to go through a surgical dressing procedure that will require changing in between intervals. When this is removed, you might notice some small scar on your penis but there is no need to worry since this will be hidden once your pubic hair begins to grow. When you arrive home, make sure to take proper rest and do not stress yourself. Take a leave from work and take time to relax. Once you are fully healed, only then can you go back to your normal routine.

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